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Friday, July 2, 2010

Top 3 Concerns About Permanent Makeup

Actual Client - Healed Lip Liner and Lip Feathering Procedures

People have many questions and concerns about permanent cosmetics. These are the top 3:

1. "I like to change my makeup look and don't think I can commit to a 'permanent' style." Permanent makeup is intended to create an enhanced "natural" look so you have the luxury of waking in the morning and looking your natural best. Traditional makeup can be applied over permanent cosmetic procedures to change your style as you see fit. For example, an eyelash enhancement or thin eyeliner procedure creates the appearance of a thicker lash line yet allows you the flexibility to add traditional eyeliner in all colors of the rainbow. Lip imperfections can be altered with natural toned pigments that leave you looking great with or without the addition of lipstick. The point is to look "naturally" fabulous 24 hours a day!

2. Does it hurt? I always apply a topical anesthetic to the area before beginning any permanent makeup procedure. This includes your follow up session. Everyone's pain tolerance differs and some may feel minor discomfort while others claim it is pain-free. You know yourself best.

3. Do you use clean needles? YES! Absolutely! Single-use needles are pre-packaged, pre-sterilized, and opened directly in front of you at each procedure leaving no questions in your mind. It is essential that you feel safe and at ease.

If you have any questions or concerns of your own feel free to email me or call (973)862-3682.